Supernatural And Subcultural

by Supervixens / Kopko Project

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track 1) The Fall
part a "pacific" 00:00/09:20
part b "unreal" 09:20/13:50
part c "rise" 13:50/23:50
part d "ritual" 23:50/27:00
part e ''splithead'' 27:00/end

track 2) Meddle
part a "mood" 00:00-05:47
part b "secret" 05:47-end


released August 21, 2016

pacific: new life for a deleted track from the first Nature And Culture session. recorded by Amaury Cambuzat at Frequenze Studio, Monza, IT, in 2012.
On this track SVX are: THL(first guitar) - Amaury(second guitar) - Varich(drums) - David(samplers, voice, bass guitar) - Kopko (synth, noise, guitar)

"unreal", "rise", "ritual, "splithead: live performance recorded by Nàresh Ran at Cycle, DIODRONE NIGHT , ANTI MUZAK FEST in 2014.

"mood", "secret": parts of improv remixed from the second Nature And Culture session. recorded by Francesco Taddei at Studio Savonarola69 in 2013 with additions of synth and sampler parts. recorded in 2015 at Magentastudio by Kopko Project.

On these tracks SVX are: THL(analogic noise , fuzz , guitar) - David(samplers, acoustic noise, distortions, bass) - Kopko (synth, tools, digital noise, second guitar) - john (drums)

equipment: electric drill, electric grinder, Korg Emx, drum, piezo contact, screwdriver, bass giutar, many FX pedals, metal pieces, tape recorder, loop station, microkorg, 3 guitars and megaphone.

music written and performed by Supervixens. Disassembly, reinterpretation, mix and arrangements by Kopko Project at Magentastudio in 2015-2016.
cover : Elena Perini
photo : Simone Marsi
special tnx : Michael Martin, Amaury Cambuzat, Nàresh Ran and Diodrone, Ambient Noise Session, Musique Brut Records, all clubs, squats, festivals and contests that have contacted us.

dedicated to all our supporters




Musique Brut Records New York, New York

The music of trauma, the music of extreme mental states, raw music, rough, alien, Art Brut music, an expressive power born of a perceived lack of sophistication....

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